Russia champions in both men and women Junior - B - world championships at Lohja

Daley Nevantaus

Lohja, Kisakallio, Curling Junior - B - Championship games have been played.

It was a good day for Russian curling at Lohja Junior - B - Games. Both their junior teams will play at A-level next time.Both Russian men and women junior teams have taken gold medals after the week-long tournament at Lohja.


Early this morning at Lohja, it was time for Semi-final games. In men's competition Denmark won Korea 5-3 and Russia won Germany at extra end 6-5. In women's competition Japan won Hungary 5-3 and Russia advanced to final game by winning Estonia 4-2..

In the men's final Russia kept the game under control against Denmark. After taking 3-pointer on the 3rd end they kept the game simple and made no big mistakes on their throws. Game ended 5-2 for Russia. Gold for Russia and Silver for Denmark. Both teams will play at A-level in the next worlds.

Bronze and the last place in A-level went to Germany, who had a thriller match with Korea in the Bronze game. Germany stole a one-pointer in the extra end to take the bronze.

In the women's final Russia took the lead at the 2nd end and kept the game under control until the end. It was 6-3 in the 8th end as Japan run out of stones. On the bronze match, Hungary won Estonia 9-2. Gold for Russia, Silver for Japan and Bronze for Hungary. These three advance to A-level games.

In the closing medal ceremony, medals were awarded for the top-three teams and it is time for banquet,

Without being sentimental, it is always little bit overwhelming to see, how deep is the curling sports culture. It is immense feeling to acknowledge, how unifying thing curling can be and how well curling teams respect each other during the game, after the game, on-the-sheet and off-the-sheet.

Ice is yours, game is yours, the world is yours. Celebrate the life and the game, the wins and the losses. Celebrate the spirit of curling in your daily life and celebrate the sports, friends and humanity at the closing banquet.

Lohja, -25 degrees, dark, winterish, yet smile in our face and warmth in our hearts, signing off

Photo : Janne Ojanperä / WCF