3rd day ongoing at Lohja Junior World - B - games

Daley Nevantaus

Third day is ongoing at Lohja and teams are brushing hard on the sheets. -20 degrees of winter weather does not make it easier outside of the sheets, either.

Round Robin  games continued at Lohja Kisakallio Junior - B - World championship curling

Junior men Group A

It seems that Germany is running the show on junior men's competition group A. They have four straight wins already. They have  played  two tight games with Asian countries Japan and Korea but managed to win them 5-4 (GER-JPN) and 5-3 (GER-KOR). They managed to beat also the NewZealand comfortably 9-3. On their game against Hong Kong, Germany  played a" clean game", giving no points to their Asian opponents, taking 19-0 victory.  

So it is four wins-four games for Germany and lead of the group. Korea and Poland are at three wins each and  with a good position to play forward to playoffs. Japan and Latvia are still fighting for the playoffs. However,  playoff  seems to be too difficult  for the last three of the group, Lithuania, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Junior men Group B

Italy is the team with a four wins-no losses record on men's group B. Italy has brushed over Austria, China, Czech rebublic and and Hungary during their clean record.  Italy is followed closely by China and Czech rebublic, three wins each.  Kazakhstan has no wins so far and The Netherlands and Hungary are struggling also. Austria and France should still have a chance to move upward to top three of the table, which is needed to qualify for playoffs.

Junior men Group C

Also in group C, there is only one team with a clean record and that is Denmark. Hosts Finland  have won only Estonia and  Finland or Estonia will need a clean record from their last three games to move up to top three to qualify for playoff. Spain and Russia share the second place of the group and have three wins each,  They are followed by England and Slovenia at two wins.  Denmark leads the table, even though it has played only 3 games as well as Slovenia. Other teams have already played four matches each.

Junior women group A

In the junior women's event group A, Russia dominates the group with three wins, no losses. Spain and Romania are without wins. Latvia made a two-digit-numbers as they win Spain 14-3. Also Russia did easily win the spaniards with stone points 10-1. Japan-Romania match ended up 12-5 as Japan started the game by stealing a five-pointer. Russia are probably moving securely  to play-offs and might  be joined by Japan and Latvia. Norway and New Zealand have still some chances to move upwards.  However, lot to play still in womens round-robins.

Junior women group B

Estonia is on top of the women group B with three tight wins, over hosts Finland, China and Germany. Kazakhstan has no wins yet and there is only one win from four games for Australia. Teams have played differrent amount of matches but the best candidates to move forward now are Estonian, Germany and China.

Junior women group C.

On group C, only 1 or 2 games has been played. Czech Rebublic and Hungary have played two matches and took two wins. Denmark has also clean record, having played only against Slovenia, winning 11-6.  Austria has freezed in their two first games as Czechs beat Austria 18-0 and Slovenia did also a two-digit-numbers 13-2 over Austria. All other teams still seem to have a fair chance to play at playoffs round.