Uniikki kansainvälinen kisamahdollisuus 30+ vuotiaille Italian Lombardiassa tammikuussa - Winter World Masters Games 2024

Winter World Masters Games

Italiassa järjestetään tammikuussa kansainvälinen Winter World Masters Games 2024, joka on avoin kaikille yli 30+ curlingpelaajille! 

Tapahtuman lähettämän englanninkielisen kisakutsun saatteen pääsee lukemaan klikkaamalla tämän uutisen otsikkoa, ja uutisesta löytyy linkit tapahtumaan, josta pääsee lukemaan lisätietoa tapahtumasta ja siihen liittyvästä curlingturnauksesta. 

The Winter World Masters Games will be the biggest winter-multi sports event for 30+ year olds, with an estimated 3000+ athletes attending. The Games are open to anyone! Minimum age and the membership in that sport’s governing body are the only requirements to take part in one of the different sports.

Amateur athletes get the unique chance to compete together and rub shoulders with ex-professionals. The WWMG promotes friendship between athletes through fair competition, social activities and cultural programs. There are no nation or national teams represented at the Winter World Masters Games. Participants compete for themselves - there are no country delegations. Teams and relays with mixed nationalities are allowed.  

We have curling competitions coming up in Madesimo, north italy, and we would like to ask you if you could share the event with your members.

Here is the link to the event: https://wwmglombardia2024.it/

and here to the curling page with all the information and the sport guide: https://wwmglombardia2024.it/sport/curling/


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