Group A played at Lohja Wheelchair - B - Tie-break needed

Daley Nevantaus

Two teams have secured their place in the play-offs from group A at Lohja. An additional tie-break will be played. A group teams are already preparing - depending on the round robin table - for playoffs or for banquet. B group still plays the decisive round on wednesday morning.

Scotland and Slovakia shared the top of the table with six wins each as they have now secured their place in  the playoff games at Wheelchair -B games from round robin group A.


Both teams finished the round Robin with six wins and one loss. In todays games Scotland had their wins rather easily. They won Israel 14-1 in the morning round and Turkey 11-1 in the evening round. Other winners on the morning round were Sweden over Turkey 13-0, England over Slovenia 11-3 and Slovakia who took the decisive one-pointer at eighth end against Italy. winning 5-4.

During the evening round, Slovakians continued their good games and they gave no chance for Slovenia. Slovakia stealed five ends to finish the game 9-0. In the other games Sweden won Israel 9-2 and England won Italy 8-6.

The Round Robin table tells, that Scotland and Slovakia will continue to the play-off rounds of top-6 teams. Sweden and England will play an additional tie-breaker game to decide, which one will join Scots and Slovaks in the playoffs.


Finland recovered quickly from the loss at "Baltic sea classic" against Estonia and won Japan 7-1 today. Only one round of games were played on group B. Other winners were Denmark, Czech rebublic and Poland. With one more game to play in round robin, the group B leaders, Finland and Poland have secured their place at play-offs with 5 wins. Estonia has four wins.  Czechs and Japan have 3 wins and they still have a chance to get even with Estonia. The last games of the group B are played on wednesday morning and the interesting ones are Estonia - Japan, in which Japan has a chance to reachr the tie-breaks. If Japan wins that game, there is also chance for Czechs to move forward, as they will meet the groups last team Chinese Taipei.  Latvia, Denmark and Chinese Taipei have no chance to playoffs.

Tomorrow starts with last games of Group B in the morning. On the afternoon there will be a tie-break session if needed and at the evening round, four teams will play in quarter-finals to decide two teams, who will join the group winners in the Semi-finals.