Lohja Wheelchair games - Day 2

Daley Nevantaus

Lohja, 6.11.2016

Wheelchair curling  B is well in pace at Lohja Kisakallio. Today we saw England, Finland, Slovakia, JApan and Poland taking their second wins in round-robin.

In group B the host team,  Finland took 8-5 win over Denmark. Japan has already now  two huge wins, with 20-1 against Taipei and 12-0 over Denmark, teams, which are without wins at the bottom of group B table. Poland won Czech rebublc, leaving also Czechs now without wins from two games. Baltic teams Estonia and Latvia have both one win - one loss record.

In group A England and Slovakia are now at the top of table with two wins, no losses. Israel and Italy are without wins after two matches.

Two rounds only is played in round-robins. There will be seven games for each team, so the competition is still open.

Internet main page: http://www.curling.fi/fi/kilpailut/sarjat/12102

Overall game program:   http://www.curling.fi/fi/kilpailut/sarjat/12102/pelit

Game details follow-up : In the games program page, click the ”date and time of game” -link and you will come to the page with end results of each match of that round. This page is updated by organizers as soon as possible.

Teams and players : http://www.curling.fi/fi/kilpailut/sarjat/12102/joukkueet

Group rankings : http://www.curling.fi/fi/kilpailut/sarjat/12102/sarjataulukot

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