First day of action played at Junior world - B - championship Curling

Daley Nevantaus

The competition is at full pace at Lohja as the second day of action has arrived. In Junior Men competition there are 6 teams with clean sheet and no losses. Women have played only one full round yet.

Junior men

Germany and Japan are in top of group A with two wins, no losses and only two games played. Hong Kong and New Zealand have no wins yet. In group A match Poland stormed over Hongk kong 16-1, having took a rare 6-pointer in the first end. In the morning round, Korea won Poland 13-1,taking a 5-pointer on 3rd end.

In group B, China and Italy have the clean sheet so far and no losses for them after two matches. Kazakhstan and Hungary with no wins at group B.

In group C, Spain and Denmark have taken two wins so far, leading the group. Austria and home team Finland are playing with no wins so far. In group C broadcasted match Finland-Spain, Spain managed to steal one-pointer in the last end to win hosts Finland 8-6. On Late evening round Australia beat Kazakhstan 12-2. 

Junior Women

Junior women had only one round to play on monday and some teams start only today. Latvia was the only team to play twice during monday, taking one win over Norway and loosing to New Zealand. Japan and Russia have also started the journey with a win in group A. In Group B, the winners were Estonia, Germany and hosts Finland, 

C-group  winners so far are Czech Rebublic, Denmark and Hungary but only one game played in this group, too.

Games continue at Lohja with full pace. Weather seems to be fine finnish winter weather, -17 degrees below zero and snowwhite outlook at the premises of Kisakallio, Lohja.