Tomi Rantamäki selected as the National Coach of the Finnish Curling Association

Katja Kiiskinen & Markus Sipilä

Tomi Rantamäki has been selected as the National Coach of the Finnish Curling Association (FCA). The tasks of the National Coach include supporting the overall training of teams and team coaches aiming for the international top level. The development of a comprehensive training programme is part of the FCA strategy for the seasons of 2014-2018.

Team coaches are still in charge of their own teams, but will now be supported by the National Coach, who will design a framework of comprehensive training and follow up on the individual development of each athlete: "My 5T coaching principle consists of the following areas: Goals, Technique, Strategy, Spirit, Fitness", Rantamäki explains.

Rantamäki will also continue his career as a competitive player, and for that reason, any athlete selections will be carried out by the Board of the FCA, based on the recommendations and suggestions of the National Coach. The National Coach does not select the national teams. The teams are selected based on their performance in national, as well as international competitions.

"In the current situation, where we lack the resources to hire a full time coach from abroad, I find that Rantamäki is the best choice as our National Coach. He has a very strong understanding of comprehensive training, and I think it is great that Tomi is willing to share his know-how with the other athletes, even though he’s still a competitive player himself", commented Olli Rissanen, the President of the FCA.

For more information, please contact:

Olli Rissanen
President of the FCA
olli [dot] rissanen [at] curling [dot] fi
+358 40 553 1233

Tomi Rantamäki
National Coach of the FCA
tomi [at] valmentaja [dot] fi
+358 40 585 4444