World Junior B Curling Championships 2016

The teams have been divided into 3 groups. At the end of the round robin series and tie-breaker games (there will only be one round of tie-breaker games), there must be a ranking for positions 1 - 3 in each group.

The top 2 teams in each group plus the 3rd ranked team with the best DSC, advance directly to the quarter-finals. The other two 3rd ranked teams play a qualification game to decide the last team in the quarter-finals.

Following the quarter-finals there will be semi-finals and final games, with the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals qualifying for the 2016 WJCCs.

Group A
rus - Russia (w)660
jpn - Japan (w)651
nzl - New Zealand (w)642
lat - Latvia (w)633
nor - Norway (w)624
rou - Romania (w)615
esp - Spain (w)606
Group B
est - Estonia (w)660
chn - China (w)651
pol - Poland (w)642
ger - Germany (w)633
fin - Finland (w)624
aus - Australia (w)615
kaz - Kazakhstan (w)606
Group C
hun - Hungary (w)660
cze - Czech Republic (w)651
ita - Italy (w)633
den - Denmark (w)633
slo - Slovenia (w)624
eng - England (w)624
aut - Austria (w)606


Cup graph

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