Curling in Finland

Curling in Finland has it's distant roots in 1909 when Scot Geoffrey W.Easton who lived in Viipuri brought first curling stones and other equipment to Finland. Number of curlers in 1909 is unknown. It is believed that curling was brought to Finland again during the 1930's because curling stones were found from the attic of Tali Golf Club.

The oldest curling club in Finland, Helsinki Curling Club, was founded in 1962. Soon curling was discovered in Hyvinkää and the club was founded in 1971. Hyvinkää has been in the center of Finnish Curling ever since and Hyvinkää Curling Club is by far the biggest club today.

The most important achievements in Finnish Curling are

  • Olympic Silver 2006 (men)
  • European Mixed Championships Gold 2005
  • World Mixed Doubles Championships Silver 2008
  • World Championships Bronze 2003 (men)
  • European Championships Gold 2000 (men)
  • World Championships Silver 1997 (junior men)