World Junior B Curling Championships 2016

World Junior B Curling Championships 2016 is played in Kisakallio Sports Institute, Finland on 3-10 January 2016. There are 21 junior women's teams and 24 junior men's teams competing. Three junior women and junior men teams will qualify for World Junior Curling Championships.

Finnish Curling Channel will provide live webcasts from sheet C throughout the round robin.  

League registration

  • Registartion is closed
  • Registration deadline: 09.01.2016 - 09:50
Final standings: Junior Women
Final positionTeam
1Russia (w)
2Japan (w)
3Hungary (w)
4Estonia (w)
5China (w)
5Czech Republic (w)
5New Zealand (w)
5Poland (w)
9Italy (w)
10Latvia (w)
11Germany (w)
12Denmark (w)
13Norway (w)
14Slovenia (w)
15Finland (w)
16Romania (w)
17England (w)
18Australia (w)
19Kazakhstan (w)
20Spain (w)
21Austria (w)
Final standings: Junior Men
Final positionTeam
1Russia (m)
2Denmark (m)
3Korea (m)
4Germany (m)
5China (m)
5Czech Republic (m)
5Italy (m)
5Poland (m)
9Spain (m)
10France (m)
11Japan (m)
12England (m)
13Latvia (m)
14Australia (m)
15Slovenia (m)
16New Zealand (m)
17Finland (m)
18The Netherlands (m)
19Lithuania (m)
20Austria (m)
21Hungary (m)
22Kazakhstan (m)
23Estonia (m)
24Hong Kong (m)