Haastattelussa tulevien EM-kisojen päätuomari Eeva Röthlisberger

Jermu Pöllänen
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Eeva Röthlisberger on monelle suomalai­selle curlingpelaajalle tuttu henkilö vuosi­en varrelta. Tämä suomalaiset sukujuuret omaava sympaattinen sveitsitär on totuttu näkemään arvokisojen mitä moninaisim­missa vastuutehtävissä, mutta pääosin hä­net tunnetaan yhtenä Euroopan kunnioi­tetuimmista curlingin tuomareista. Nyt Eevalle on langennut suuri vastuu kun hän toimii Baselissa järjestettävien EM-kilpai­lujen tuomaritoiminnan koordinoivana päätuomarina. Eeva suostui valmistelukii­reidensä keskeltä vastaamaan muutamaan lehtemme esittämään kysymykseen.


1. Do you play curling yourself and what are your best achievements as a player?

- I started playing curling when I was 14, but stopped playing 3 years ago due to several reasons. All the years I never played championships - just tournaments. So there are no achievements I can talk about looking back as a curler.

2. When and why did you start umpiring?

- I was volunteering at some national and international events. One of the for­mer Swiss Umpires asked me at one of those events, if I would not like to start umpiring. I took my first umpires-course in '96 and started to work as an umpire. All the memorable moments made me ne­ver stop since.

3. What is the most memorable moment so far in your umpiring career?

- There are so many unforgettable moments. But to pick one of them and say that is the most memorable one - sorry, I can not.

4. Have you tried other jobs as an official in international curling competitions and do you find them as interesting as umpiring?

- I have been volunteering for years as a Hogline- and End-Ice Official. At the Worlds 2003 in Winnipeg I was voluntee­ring in the ice-crew. At the Olympics 2006 in Torino I was asked to be the Assistant Timing Supervisor. I liked all those diffe­rent jobs as they all give you different ex­periences and you can always learn somet­hing which might help you at another event where you are umpiring.

5. Your mother is actually Finnish. Do you speak or understand any Finnish?

- That's correct. My mother is Finnish - but so am I. I have the Finnish and the Swiss Nationality, which I think is great. As my mother never spoke Finnish with us at home, my Finnish is not very good.

- I can understand quite a lot. Spea­king is a lot more difficult, as I don't use my Finnish enough. But after a few days around persons speaking Finnish, I catch up.

- Osaan niin paljon, että minua ei myydä suomeksi.

6. Tell us something else about your family and if you have any pets?

- I have a brother who is older than me. He is an Ice Technician and runs the Curling-Rink in Bern. My parents are both retired and enjoy travelling. They just came back from a 4 months holiday in Finland and Sweden. - I have no pets as I just do not have the time to look after them.

7. You have also been listed as coach for some Finnish curling teams. Can you tell us something about those teams and your work with them?

- I have never coached any curling team in my whole life. All I did for a few years was trying to help teams to make their championship participation a little easier. The idea was that while I was dri­ving a team, organising accommodation etc., the team could concentrate more on what is essential - and that's the sport. In my mind all teams playing at international competitions should have that kind of a person assisting them.

- I really liked doing this for a while, but the expenses were too high so that I had to decide not to do it anymore. But I would definitely not want to miss that ex­perience.

8. Where do you live and what do you do for a living?

- I live in Burgdorf, a little town not far from Bern and run a company in the computer-hardware broker business. Besi­des that I have a part-time job as the sec­retary for the national federation in syn­chronised swimming. - All my curling-work is voluntary work.

9. What other hobbies do you have?

- Other hobbies - besides my two jobs and the curling there is no time for any ot- her hobbies at the present time. I did play for years in a Steelband (a music-band which plays on Steelpans, which original- ly were made of Oil-Barrels). Due to the lack of time I had to decide to give up Cur- ling or the Steelband. For which one I have decided, you all know. - If there is any free time besides all my obligations, I meet my friends.

10. If you had to pick one single team out of all that you have seen playing, which would be the best team and where and when did you see them play? - In the last 15 years I saw so many good teams playing in international events, I could not say which is the best of them. As everyone, I have "my favourite" teams - but as you can imagine, as an umpire I would never tell you which ones those are. But you can be sure, if I would tell you the teams, you would be very surprised, as not all of them are from Switzerland or Finland.