Finnish Bonspiel 2010, Hyvink√§√§ Ice Hall 16.4.2010 ‚Äď 18.4.2010¬†


Playing system: 

Group games: each team plays round-robin (3 games) in groups A - J. All nine (9) groups contain 4 teams. 

Play Offs: all group winners (9) and seven (7) best group seconds will continue to Play Off A. Winner of A is the tournament winner.

The rest 2 group seconds and six (6) best group thirds will continue to Play Off B. Winner of B is ranked 17th.

The rest group thirds (3) and all group fourths (9) will play in Play Off C one game to determine final rankings. 

Tee shots: 

After second group game, every team draws to tee two (2) shots. Two different players must make the shots. Shots will be measured and sum of those two tee shots will determine teams ranking group seconds and group thirds. Tee shots also determine rankings in own round-robin group if wins are tied. Wins counts first in groups, then tee shots if needed. 


Group games and Play Off games at Saturday: playing time will be 70 minutes + 1 end. When 70 minutes has gone, teams will play ongoing end and one more end. Maximum length for game is 7 ends. All the games will be played until the winner is solved. No ties. Ties after seven ends will be solved by one draw to tee. 

Draw to tee is one (1) shot to tee. Team decides one person who throws team’s rock and other can sweep and/or skip. Team who’s closer to tee, wins the game. 

Play Off games at Sunday, Semi Finals and Finals: all games are 7 ends without timing. In Semi Finals and Finals there will be extra ends if necessary. 


All the finalists (Play Off A and B) will be prized immediately after finals at ice, approx. 3 pm on Sunday. 

Ice maintenance: 

Team who wins cleans and pebbles the ice after the game. 

Other rules: 

Chief umpire of bonspiel is Jari Laukkanen. He’ll decide all the problems if teams are not able to. 

Drinks should be taken at bar or somewhere else, not in ice. Have a good curling and have fun!


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  • Registration deadline: 04/26/2010 - 14:00